Career Awards for Science and Mathematics Teachers

Selection Process

The Career Award for Science and Mathematics Teachers Advisory Committee will review all eligible applications, interview candidates along with his/her Principal and Superintendent, and make recommendations for awards to BWF's Board of Directors. Up to 12 finalists will be selected for interview, following the initial review of applications.

Finalists selected for interview will be asked to submit additional evidence, such as a power point presentation demonstrating innovations in their approaches to teaching. The candidate’s principal and superintendent will also be interviewed to help determine what career opportunities are available for the teacher.  BWF does not provide critiques of unsuccessful applications.

Selection will be based primarily on:

1. Candidate’s qualifications and potential to conduct high quality science and/or mathematics teaching

2. Candidate’s abilities to demonstrate how his/her students are proficient in science and/or mathematics learning

3. Candidate’s significant contributions to enhancing students’ knowledge of science and/or mathematics by:

a. Teaching in an exemplary and innovative fashion

b. Developing projects that engage students in hands-on, problem-based activities with new approaches to questioning and problem solving

c. Making contributions to curricula

d. Demonstrating leadership and outreach in pre-college science and/or mathematics education in his/her school, district, or community

e. Having a proactive impact on student achievement and the lives of students

4. Candidates’ knowledge of subject content and effectiveness of communication skills

5. Candidate’s abilities in the classroom that should demonstrate learner-centered, knowledge-centered, assessment-centered, and community-centered learning styles

6. Candidates' professional goals and leadership aspirations

7. Candidate's support from the principal and superintendent

The teaching environment and the commitment of the school and school district leadership to insure the success of the teacher will be judged during the interview with the teacher’s principal and superintendent. Special consideration will be given to teachers working in hard-to-staff, economically-deprived classrooms in North Carolina.