Grant Recipients

The following are examples of recent ad hoc grant recipients:

The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences

In September 2006, BWF announced a major grant to The Hamner to support Project Seed.  This project will recruit and support talented economically disadvantaged high school students, including minority students, to pursue Ph.D. degrees in the sciences, especially chemistry and other chemistry-related disciplines.  The project, which will be open to students statewide, is an extension of a proven Student Science Enrichment Program-supported local activity.

University of North Carolina System

This education-related grant supports a "fast track" program at North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and the University of North Carolina-Asheville in which students who major in sciences are able to get a teaching certificate at the same time as their science degrees.  The grant provides scholarships, support for enrichment experiences science are able to get a teaching certificate at the same time as their science degrees. The grant provides scholarships, support for enrichment experiences, and bonus teacher pay for five years after graduation. The program is modeled on the University of Texas-Austin’s successful UTEACH program.

Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics for an Interdisciplinary Biology Initiative

To aid the broader science community, our board approved a grant to stimulate interdisciplinary research via a series of workshops over the next five years.  The programs will alternate among the fields of systems biology/bioinformatics, population biology and genetics, neuroscience, and biophysics.  The main goal is create a quantitative biology community at the interface between the life sciences and the physical sciences.   In keeping with BWF’s focus, young scientists will comprise 50 percent of the participants.  We hope that a number of awardees of our interfaces program will be able to benefit from these workshops.

Gairdner Foundation

To help foster greater recognition of Canada’s research enterprise, as well as leverage our monetary support for Canadian scientists, BWF will partner with the Gairdner Foundation to host a series of symposiums recognizing recipients of that group’s international awards in medical research.  The “Gairdners,” as the awards are known, are similar in luster to the Lasker Awards made by the eponymous foundation in the United States.  The symposiums are expected to provide an ideal forum for BWF to attract more Canadian scientists to apply for our grant programs.