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Accessing the Application
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Is the BWF application deadline firm?

Can I submit a paper application?
No. BWF now requires that all applications for this program be submitted electronically. Paper applications will not be accepted.

Do I need to submit a Letter of Intent/Pre-proposal prior to beginning an application?
No. BWF does not require a letter of intent or pre-proposal prior to beginning an application for this program.

Can I change my application once submitted?
No. Once your application is submitted, it cannot be changed.

Can Letters of Support be sent separately?
No. Letters of Support must be converted to PDF files and uploaded to the application for electronic submission by the deadline date. An application can only be submitted when it is complete. This means when all attachments are uploaded, including the Letters of Support, and data entry is complete.

How serious are you about the page limit on the timeline and plan?
All applicants must stay within the two pages or fewer limit or the application will be rejected.

Are there font or margin requirements for the timeline and plan?
Use standard 11- or 12-point type for the text, and no smaller than 9 to 10-point type for figures, legends, tables, and diagrams. Text must be single-spaced, with one-half inch or larger margins on all sides.

Accessing the Application

Do I need to complete an application in one session?
No, you can start an application and return at a later time to complete the application. When beginning a new application, you are required to establish a log-in and password. At any time during the application process, you may click the "save and finish later" button, exit the application, and return at a later time. Saved applications are accessed through a different link than the one used to begin the initial application. You may access saved applications on the BWF grant application system. Please note that all applications must be submitted by the application deadline date.

How do I return to an incomplete application that I saved, but have not yet submitted?
To access saved application for BWF programs, visit BWF's Grant Application System. At the time you begin an application, you are required to create a login and password. The same information can be used to access a saved application. Note: There are two separate links to the BWF Grant Application System (one to start a new application and one to access a saved application.)


I completed my application. How do I submit?
Once the application has been completed and all attachments have been uploaded, click the "Review and Submit" button at the bottom of the last page of the application. Review your application. If the application is not missing required items, a “Submit” button should be available at the bottom of the page. If a submit button is not available, the application is missing (one or more) required fields or attachments. Any missing items should be noted in red near the top of the page. Once you have completed all required items and clicked the “Submit” button, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not, please contact Muno Sekhon, program associate immediately at 919-991-5122.

I forgot my user id and/or password. What should I do?
For a forgotten password or user id, visit the BWF grant application system and click the forgotten password link.

How are attachments submitted?
All attachments must be submitted as one (1) continuous PDF file and uploaded to the online application in the following order:

  1. Proposal Abstract (300 word maximum; template provided)
  2. Proposal (five page limit)
  3. CV of Applicant
  4. CV of  Co-Director(s)
  5. Letters of Support
  6. Timeline and Plan for the Proposed Project (two page limit)
  7. Budget and Justification (template provided)
  8. Signature Page (template provided)

If I’m having trouble with the electronic application, whom can I contact for help?
For questions with the electronic application, please contact Muno Sekhon via email or by phone 919- 991-5122.

Signature Page Form

What is the Signature Page?
The Signature Page is an interactive PDF document that requires re-entry of information from the on-line application and provides signature lines for the Applicant and the Institutional Signing Official. E-Signatures are accepted. An application is not considered complete without the Signature Page. You must upload the Signature Page with the original or electronic signatures by application deadline date.

How do I access the Signature Page?
The Signature Page Form can be accessed on the Forms and Resources page of this website.

Who needs to sign the Signature Page?
The following people must sign the Signature Page:

  1. The Applicant - in the signature box marked “Signature of Applicant."
  2. The Official responsible for sponsored programs at the Degree-Granting Institution or other non-profit in the United States or Canada- in the signature box marked “Signature of Signing Official."
  3. The Executive Director(s) of the non-profit/partnering organization  (if applicable)

Can I fax the Signature Page by the application deadline?
No. Faxed documents will not be accepted. They must be uploaded to the application.

Can I upload and attach an electronic version of the Signature Page (PDF file) to my application?
Yes. The Signature Page must be included as the last document in the continuous PDF file and uploaded to the on-line application.