Career Guidance for Trainees

Grant Recipients



Association of University Technology Managers
The Technology Transfer Professional Training Program

Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences
A Certificate in Bioscience Management for Life Scientists

Medical College of Wisconsin
Designing an educator pathway for postdocs employed at a medical and biomedical graduate school

Medical University of South Carolina
Offering an Entrepreneurship Course to Trainees in the Biomedical Sciences

Rutgers University
Providing biomedical Ph.D. students with advanced communication skills for career transitions

Simmons College
STEM Teaching Institute: Preparing Postdoctoral Fellows for Faculty Careers in Undergraduate STEM Disciplines

University of California, San Francisco
Interactive Simulation Exercises for Career Transitions (Inter-SECT)


Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Future leaders in science education and communication training program

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
How to be an intern: prepping for life outside academia

University of Alabama-Birmingham
UAB EXPERIENtial Learning for Career Enhancement in the Sciences (EXPERIENCES) Program

University of California-San Francisco
A career readiness framework for research trainees

University of California-San Francisco
Business concepts for biomedical scientists

University of Michigan Medical School
Mapping pathways for professional success in graduate and postdoctoral training

Vanderbilt University
Entrepreneurship and business training for scientists


American Society for Microbiology
ASM-BWF science teaching fellows program  

Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences
"Bridging the Gap" summer bootcamp to prepare Ph.D. scientists for careers in the life science industries  

Medical College of Wisconsin
Careers in industry: real world training for Ph.D. scientists  

Thomas Jefferson University
Mentored teaching experience in health professional courses  

University of California-San Francisco
Integrating career development into the graduate curriculum  

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Career guidance for trainees-the Ph.D./educator track