Graduate Diversity Enrichment Program

Grant Recipients


Duke University

Alejandro Antonia
Host-Directed Therapy to Circumvent Immune Evasion by Leishmania major

Dalton Nathaniel Hughes
Network Dynamics of Negative and Positive Valence Systems in Decision Making

Luis Alexander Navarro
Guided Adsorption of Protein-Bottlebrush Hybrids for Functional Surface Coatings

Estefany Yamilet Reyes
Mechanism to evade host immunity by Mucorales fungi

Blanca Victoria Rodriguez
Characterizing the association of RNA with bacterial membrane vesicles and their delivery to host cells

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

LaKeya Charmaine
Hardy Using STALs to exploit CD22 on peanut-specific memory B cells to induce tolerance

Juanita Limas
A Novel Way of Blocking Origin Licensing and Recapitulating Early Oncogene Activation

Shenee Chantel Martin
Examining the molecular consequences of sleep disruption in Alzheimer's disease onset and progression

Kia Zolee Perez-Vale
Defining the molecular mechanisms underlying apical-basal polarity establishment and morphogenesis 

Ricardo Rivera-Soto
Characterizing the role of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway in KSHV-associated malignancies

Tamara Vital
Exploring the mechanism underlying a small molecule inhibitor of chromatin accessibility


Grace Renee Anderson
Duke University
Exploiting collateral sensitivity to target kinase inhibitor-resistant lung cancers

Manuella Rossette Clark-Cotton
Duke University
Mechanisms of cell fusion during mating in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

David Rafael Martinez
Duke University
Identifying placental factors that modulate maternal IgG transplacental transfer

Joseph Njoroge Mwangi
Middle College at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Using ion mobility mass spectrometry to identify multiple isomeric RNA disease biomarkers

Christine Emily Psaltis
East Carolina University
Identifying the role of prohibitin in preserving organ function during sepsis

Christine Vazques
Duke University
Defining how a tyrosine within the hepatitis C virus protease regulates antiviral innate immunity