Postdoctoral Enrichment Program

Mentor Instructions to Upload Letter

You've been asked by an applicant submitting an application to the BWF PDEP program to submit a confidential mentor letter in support of his/her application for a grant.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Complete your letter offline using any standard word processing software.
  2. Print the letter on official institutional letterhead, with a signature block (both are required).
  3. Convert the document to a PDF file. (For help with this step, click Troubleshooting PDFs).
  4. Save the letter as a .pdf file on your system.
  5. Return to the applicant’s email request and click on the web link which will take you to a log-in page on BWF’s grant application system. Log in using the same email address at which you received the request from the applicant. Retain this log-in information in the event you wish to “reload” a revised letter at a later date.
  6. Select the Title: “Letters of Recommendation” from the drop down list provided on the page.  (Although the system calls this a recommendation letter, it is a letter of nomination from the mentor. Please review information on the mentor letter.) 
  7. “Browse” to select the letter from your system which will populate the “File Name” field.
  8. Click the “Upload” button.
  9. Click the “Finished” button.
  10. View the acknowledgment thanking you for your submission.

If you have problems with the email link, copy and paste the entire link into your web browser. Be certain you are entering the correct email address to log in to the site.

Once your letter has been uploaded, the applicant will be able to see whether or not your letter has been submitted, but cannot view the content of the letter.

An application CANNOT BE SUBMITTED until the mentor letter has been uploaded and attached to the application. For this reason, please upload your confidential letter no later than January 2. Official hard deadline is January 15.

If you would like to upload a revised letter:

  1. Retrieve the initial email and web link originally provided to you by the applicant.
  2. Using your same email address, log in and access the “Recommender” page.
  3. Check the “Remove” box next to the html link for the initial letter.
  4. Click the “Remove” button.”
  5. “Browse” for the revised letter (.pdf file) on your system.
  6. Click “Upload.”
  7. Click the “Finished” button.
  8. View the acknowledgment that the letter has been submitted.

Email Tiffanie Taylor if you have questions.