Investigators in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease

Instructions for Recommendation Letters and Institutional Letter

Full proposals require three blind letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with the applicant’s qualifications.  The letters must be uploaded by the author of each letter to BWF’s grant application system. 

A fourth letter, the Institutional Letter of support, should be written on behalf of the applicant’s  institution by the chair, dean, division director, or other senior official who can best communicate the institution’s commitment to the applicant and the applicant’s fit within the institution’s plans and ambitions. This statement of the institution’s investment in and commitment to the applicant’s scientific, academic, and personal development is a critical part of a successful application for this career development award. The Institutional Letter of Support is NOT a blind/confidential letter and is the first document of the pdf file that is uploaded to the application.

Log in to BWF’s grant application system and proceed to the “Recommenders” page

  1. Enter the name and email addresses of the recommenders. To send an individual request, remove the check from the “Send Email” boxes.  To send a group request, check all “Send Email” boxes.  It is highly recommended that you notify the recommender to expect the email.
  2. Input the name of the person who will write the letter of recommendation in the “Name” field.  Insert the email address of the recommender in the “Email Address” field. 
  3. Check or uncheck the “Send Email” box according to group or individual email requests.
  4. Click the SEND button. This button DOES NOT SEND the request. You must continue.
  5. The grant application system will generate an email form containing a standard message. You can send this message as is or edit to make it more personal.
  6. Use the Subject field to add a subject line that will help your recommender recognize that the email is important, for example Letter of Recommendation for <<Applicant’s name>>.
  7. Press the “Send” button.
  8. You will see a message in red type indicating the selected recommenders have been notified. If you do not see this message, your email has not been sent. Please contact Jean Kramarik at 919-991-5122.
  9. Click “Next” to proceed to the Attachments Page.  Once the requested letter has been uploaded by the recommender, it will be listed as an uploaded file on the Attachments page. 

Note:  the applicant will not have access to view the file.