Submission Process

Note:  The program information on this site pertains to the previous award series and is provided for your information only.  New program guidelines and application instructions for the next award series are being developed and will be available on this web site on or before August, 1, 2014. Check back then to access the 2015 application instructions and guidelines.

Step 1:  Start early-occasionally your resources may be unavailable! Read all information provided to ensure a successful application.  Log in to the grant submission website to begin a proposal, create a password, and take an eligibility quiz. If eligible, you will automatically be directed to the on-line application.  Using the link provided, access your application as often as needed until it has been submitted.  Note:

  • Electronic submission involves two separate systems working together: BWF's website and the grant submission website.
  • BWF's website provides all the information and forms needed to prepare materials well in advance of the deadline. 
  • The grant submission website provides the on-line application and submission mechanism, through a log-in system. 
  • Links between the two websites make transition seamless.

Step 2:  Prepare, in advance, the documents required in the proposal elements.  Combine and order the supporting materials into one (1) PDF file.  Name the file using the format  "Last Name, First Name - PATH Application."  BWF provides and requires templates for two (2) of the six (6) supporting materials.  The templates are downloadable from the forms and resources page; which also includes tips and instructions for troubleshooting the forms/PDFs. 

Step 3:   Upload the combined file of supporting documents as one attachment on the "Attachments" page of the submission website.  View the checklist to ensure your application is in order. Click the "Review and Submit" button on the "Attachments" page, or the "Review My Application" link, to see if any errors are identified in your application. Once the application has been submitted, it cannot be accessed or changed. All information must be provided before the "Submit" button is available.  Print the application for your records.  Click the "Submit" button to transmit the application.  An automated e-mail will confirm that the application was successfully submitted.