Career Awards at the Scientific Interface

Progress Reporting for Awardees on or after 2012

Due Date:  October 1

Submission Instructions

Submit as three separate documents via email to by October 1.

  1. Activity Report 
  2. Combined as one PDF: Scientific Abstract, Letter of Evaluation & Biosketch
  3. Financial Report

Sections of the Progress Report

I. Activity Report Template

Your Activity Report should be cumulative; each reporting period will build on the previous one/s, so we may capture clear progression. Therefore for this reporting period, you will use the last report you submitted and you should not go back and change anything-just update!  If this is your first submission, the template for your Activity Report can be found below. If you have been granted a no-cost extension, add on additional columns as needed, indicating NCE Year 1 or NCE Year 2, etc.

The Activity Report should contain the following information:

  1. Cover sheet (first sheet)
  2. Research Milestones/Goals (second sheet, relevant column)
  3. Mentoring/Institutional Environment/Career Development (third sheet, relevant column)
  4. Publications for relevant period (fourth sheet)
  5. Trainee Information, updated as necessary (fifth sheet)
  6. Funding Sources, updated as necessary (sixth sheet)
  7. Meetings and Conferences Participated in, updated as necessary (seventh sheet)
  8. Other Activities, as necessary (eighth sheet, relevant column)
  9. Final Essay (ninth sheet, to be completed in last reporting period)

II. Scientific Abstract

Provide a brief (< 300 words) summary of your research written to be understood by a multidisciplinary audience.

III. Sponsor/Chairperson's Letter of Evaluation

It is your responsibility to have your sponsor/chairperson write a letter summarizing your research and career growth during the period, or use the Sponsor’s Annual Letter of Evaluation abbreviated form (see below) in place of the letter.  If you are a postdoctoral fellow, the sponsor is your mentor. If you are a faculty member, the sponsor is your department chair. The letter is due by the same date as the Progress Report. Convert the letter to a PDF file and submit it with your report.

IV. Biosketch

Include an updated NIH-style biographical sketch.

V. Financial Report

The Financial Report must be completed by the institutional financial officer using the on-line form provided. The report should contain the typed name of both the awardee and the institutional officer completing the report. Original signatures are not required, only typed names.

  • If you submitted a Financial Report last year, information provided in that report should be used to calculate the Cumulative to Date figures.
  • The subtotal fields in both columns will automatically calculate as you enter the relevant numerical data.
  • The "Balance" in both the Fiscal Year and Cumulative to Date columns should be equal. 

The Financial Report may be submitted under separate cover, as a PDF file to, by the same due date as the Progress Report.

If you have questions, please contact Melanie Scott by email or phone 919-991-5107 or Kendra Tucker by email or phone 919-991-5115.