Career Awards at the Scientific Interface

Progress Reporting for Awardees on or before 2011

Due Date:  October 1

Format and Submission Instructions

Number each subsection separately and use a minimum 11-point font size with one inch margins on all sides. Combine subsections I, II, III, IV, and VI into one PDF file. Submit publications, by the due date, as separate PDF files.  The Financial Report may also be submitted as a separate PDF file, by the due date.

Sections of the Progress Report

I. Cover Sheet

The Cover Sheet for your Progress Report (see below) should contain the following information:

  1. BWF Request ID number for your grant
  2. Name of Awardee
  3. Current title
  4. Progress report period
  5. Date report submitted
  6. Project title
  7. Institution and Department
  8. Name of sponsor writing letter of evaluation
  9. The year of the award for which you are reporting
  10. Your position this year: postdoc, faculty member, or both.

II. Progress Summary

Abstract.  Provide a brief (< 300 words) summary of your research written to be understood by a multidisciplinary audience.

Specific Aims.  Provide a brief summary of the original goals of the proposal.

Studies and Results (2 pages maximum).  Describe progress which has been made toward the original goals, and any changes from the proposed research plan. Point out what you have done that is important as well as your plans to publish it.

Research Plan.  Provide a research plan for the upcoming year.

Mentoring, Institutional Environment, and Career Development.

  • If you are a postdoctoral fellow, describe your progress toward independence as well as any obstacles you see.
  • Describe the mentoring environment, in terms of how your sponsor and institutional placement contributed to your research aims and development as a scientist.
  • If you have moved to a faculty position, briefly describe how the award has affected your placement, and identify any remaining obstacles. Describe also the population of students to whom you have access.
  • If you have been in a faculty position for more than three years, describe any issues that concern you as you approach your tenure evaluation.

Other Activities and Award Administration.

  • If you are obtaining a faculty appointment during the reporting period, or have accepted an offer, describe whether the position is tenure track and the institution's commitment to you (e.g., salary, laboratory start-up funds, laboratory/office space and equipment, and other ancillary support).
  • List sources, terms, and amounts of other research support including institutional support.
  • Indicate percent time allocated to research, teaching, administrative, and other activities.  Note:  Awardees must spend a minimum of 80% time engaged in research.  List course titles for any courses you are teaching, and indicate which student population you are reaching.  List any committees on which you served during the reporting year.
  • List national or international meetings attended (do not use single letter abbreviations) at which you presented a paper, poster, or participated in another invited function.
  • Because the Burroughs Wellcome Fund is committed to the career development of scientists early in their careers, BWF's policy is that postdoctoral fellows or trainees who are fully or partially supported by funds from your award must be given adequate salary and benefit support.  In addition, a mentoring and a career plan must be in place for each fellow or trainee supported fully or partially by BWF funds.  At minimum, benefits should include a health plan.  When graduate students are supported by this award a training and professional development plan must be in place.  Postdoctoral support must meet or exceed the NIH National Research Service Award scale appropriate to the trainee’s level.
  • List the name and degree of each postdoctoral fellow or trainee supported by funds from your BWF award and indicate their annual (12-month) salary.  By listing these individuals, you certify that an appropriate training and professional development plan is in place.
  • List names, degrees, and titles of any other students or fellows you have mentored during the past year, regardless of whether they received BWF support.
  • If you wish, comment on the Fund's award management and give any suggestions to improve the award structure.

Final year essay.  If this is the progress report for the final year of your award, write a brief, informal paragraph describing your highest accomplishment, or the one you are most proud of, during your tenure as a career awardee.

III. Sponsor/Chairperson's Letter of Evaluation

It is your responsibility to have your sponsor/chairperson write a letter summarizing your research and career growth during the period, or use the Sponsor’s Annual Letter of Evaluation abbreviated form (see below) in place of the letter.  If you are a postdoctoral fellow, the sponsor is your mentor. If you are a faculty member, the sponsor is your department chair. The letter is due by the same date as the Progress Report. Convert the letter to a PDF file and submit it with your report.

IV. Biosketch

Include an updated NIH-style biographical sketch.

V. Publications

Include copies of any publications, submitted or published, during the period. Publications should be submitted, by the due date, as individual PDF files.  The committee will expect to see BWF support acknowledged on all publications during the award period.

VI. Financial Report

The Financial Report must be completed by the institutional financial officer using the on-line form provided. The report should contain the typed name of both the awardee and the institutional officer completing the report. Original signatures are not required, only typed names.

  • If you submitted a Financial Report last year, information provided in that report should be used to calculate the Cumulative to Date figures.
  • The subtotal fields in both columns will automatically calculate as you enter the relevant numerical data.
  • The "Balance" in both the Fiscal Year and Cumulative to Date columns should be equal. 

The Financial Report may be submitted under separate cover, as a PDF file to, by the same date as the progress report.

Submit by October 1 to

If any questions, please contact Melanie Scott by email or phone 919-991-5107, or Kendra Tucker by email or phone 919-991-5115.