Career Awards for Science and Mathematics Teachers

FAQs - Signature Page Form

What is the Signature Page form?  How do I submit it?

The Signature Page Form provides signature lines for the Applicant, the Principal, and the Superintendent from the school district.  An application is not considered complete without the Signature Page Form.  You must upload the Signature Page form with the original signatures by 4:00 p.m., Eastern Time, on the application deadline posted. Printed or typed names will not be accepted.

Who needs to sign the Signature Page Form?

Three people must sign the Signature Page Form:

  1. The Applicant - in the signature box marked "Signature of Applicant."
  2. The Principal - in the signature box marked "Principal."
  3. The Superintendent of the School District - in one of the signature boxes marked "Superintendent."

Can I fax the Signature Page Form by the application deadline?

No.  Faxed documents will not be accepted.

Can I upload and attach an electronic version of the Signature Page (PDF file) to my application?

Yes.  An electronic Signature Page Form will be accepted if uploaded by 4:00 p.m., Eastern Time, on the application deadline posted.  Forms may be scanned and uploaded if necessary.  Signatures must be on the form.

How do I access the Signature Page Form?

The Signature Page Form in both WORD and PDF versions can be accessed on the Forms and Resources page of this program.