Career Awards for Science and Mathematics Teachers

FAQs - Terms of Award

How will the funds cover fringe benefits?

The teacher salary allocation:

  • $10,000 stipend will be provided to supplement the teacher's annual salary.  Awards are granted to the school district, who will then disperse salary supplements to the award recipient.  In most instances, school districts deduct taxes and retirement benefits from the supplement.  Award recipients and school districts are encouraged to work together to identify effective solutions that work best for the teaching professional.
  • $5,000 will be contributed annually to a reserved account to be given to the teacher at the conclusion of the five-year award, if the teacher remains in the classroom.
  • The State Board of Education (SBE) will provide extra salary support to ensure that award recipients will receive a 12-month contract.  If the teacher is currently under a 10- or 11-month contract, the SBE will distribute additional funds to the LEA to provide funding for the additional month(s) salary.

Can the professional development portion of the annual grant installment be used by the recipient teacher as a learning experience for several teachers in his/her school or school district?

The Career Award for Science and Mathematics Teachers provides $10,000 annually for professional development.  These funds are flexible and may be used at the discretion of the teacher for personal professional development activities, travel and registration to meetings or conferences, or hiring substitutes.  If the teacher would like to expand professional development to a team of teachers to create networking opportunities with colleagues and to build capacity at his/her school or school district, the award allows this expansion.

Is the LEA responsible for funding the additional two months of salary for teachers who received this award?

The State Board of Education has approved the additional salary support for Career Award for Science and Mathematics Teachers.  The Department of Public Instruction will use an allotment process to issue these funds to the LEA for the additional month(s) of employment for the teacher.

When will the decision be announced?  When will the award commence?

Refer to the Award Timeline in the navigation bar to the right for award announcement and commencement dates.