Student STEM Enrichment Program

Annual Progress Reporting

Annual Progress Report Guidelines

Due September 30 by 4:00 p.m.

Progress and financial reports should be submitted via email.  The progress report should be submitted in a single PDF file.  The financial report may be submitted separately. 

The SSEP annual progress report has six (6) parts:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Overview (including update on project plan, student participation, description of activities, and project staffing)
  • Evaluation
  • Reflections
  • Evaluation Instruments
  • Financial Report

Submit the completed Cover Sheet with your Progress Report.

Specific instructions for each section of the report follow:

I. Cover Sheet

Complete the Cover Sheet and include it as the first page of  your progress report.  A Microsoft WORD version of the Cover Sheet is available below.

II. Overview

    A. Project Plan - Provide a brief overview of the project plan, including how it may differ from the plan described in the original proposal.

    B. Student Participation - Describe how the students were recruited and selected. In addition, give the number of students who participated in the program and a description of the student population, including grade level, gender, and race/ethnicity information.

    C. Activities - Describe student activities and how they related to the three goals of SSEP:

        Goal 1: Improving students' competence in science

        Goal 2: Nurturing students' enthusiasm for science

        Goal 3: Interesting students in research or other science-related careers.

Also describe the facilities used and include a schedule of student activities.

    D. Project Staffing - List staff members' names and information about their roles in the program. Describe economic impact of grant on your community-job created, resources for students, etc.

III. Evaluation

For each of the three SSEP goals listed above, describe the kind of data you collected (e.g., surveys, interviews) and who you collected it from (e.g., students, parents, teachers); how you analyzed the data (i.e., what quantitative or qualitative methods did you use); and the results you obtained from your analysis (using tables and narratives, as appropriate).

IV. Reflections

    A.  Progress Toward SSEP Goals - Based on the results of the project evaluation, what specific conclusions would you draw about your progress toward each of the three SSEP goals?

    B. Project Implementation - Based on your conclusions about progress and other results of the project evaluation (including answers to questions 14 and 15 on the SSEP Student Feedback Survey), what activities worked well? What activities do you plan to change, and how do you plan to change them?

    C. Sustainability - What, if any, plans do you have in place to sustain the program beyond BWF support? What strategies are you considering?

V. Evaluation Instruments

Include copies of all evaluation instruments (e.g., surveys, interview and observation protocols) that were developed and administered to supplement data obtained from the SSEP Student Feedback Survey.

VI. Financial Report

Include the original proposed budget, an actual accounting of how the SSEP award dollars were used to-date for the fiscal year, and a cumulative accounting for the entire grant period. A guide/form in Excel is available below for your convenience. For third-year awardees submitting a final report, include a cumulative actual accounting of how the SSEP award was used by year covering the entire three-year period of the award.  The file must be converted to PDF and may be submitted as a separate document.

Report Format

Submit the completed Cover Sheet with your Progress Report.  Number each subsection separately and use 12-point font size with one inch margin on all sides.  Combine all subsections (five total) into one PDF file, including the Cover Sheet.  The Financial Report may be submitted as a separate PDF file.

Submit your entire Progress Report in PDF via email to by September 30.  If you have questions, please contact Melanie Scott at 919/991-5107, or

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