Student STEM Enrichment Program

FAQs - Eligibility

Are SSEP awards limited to NC?
The Student STEM Enrichment Program is limited to non-profit institutions within BWF’s home-state of North Carolina.  All students participating in SSEP projects should be North Carolina students.

What types of organizations in N.C. are eligible to apply?
Nonprofit organizations that are eligible to apply for SSEP awards include colleges and universities, community groups, museums and zoos, public and private schools, and scientific organizations that can provide scientific experiential activities for K-12 students.  Nonprofits offering religious programming are not eligible to apply.

Can SSEP Proposals serve elementary students?
Yes, programs serving K-5 students are eligible, as well as middle and high school programs.

Is teacher training supported through the Student STEM Enrichment Program Award?
Teacher training is not a focus of the SSEP awards.  BWF recognizes the value of teacher training and will allow limited funding to be used to enhance the abilities of teachers to conduct innovative enrichment science activities for SSEP student participants.  The Burrouoghs Wellcome Fund the Career Award for Science and Mathematics Teachers and PRISM awards for support of classroom teachers and in school activities.

Can we use the SSEP award to support classroom activities for students?
The SSEP award is designed to support out-of-school activities for K-12 school students.  These activities should take place after school, on weekends, or during the summer. SSEP awards do not provide support for in-school classroom activities.  If SSEP activities can be linked to in-school classroom activities, BWF will consider such proposals on an individual basis.  Please contact BWF regarding such proposals.

How long are the awards?
The duration of SSEP awards is up to three years.  Each grant provides up to $60,000 per year.

Can current awardees reapply?
A current awardee can reapply once for funding of the same program.  Awardees must compete with the general pool of applicants and they will be expected to demonstrate successful outcomes from the earlier award and promise of significant achievement from a new award.  BWF encourages SSEP award recipients to develop strategies to sustain their programs, after BWF support has ended.  Applications from award recipients proposing a different program are not considered repeat applicants.

If our grant is funded, when will the award begin?
SSEP award recipients are announced by September of each year following the April deadline.  The first installment of the SSEP award is made the following November.  The Award Timeline shown in the navigation bar to the right provides the anticipated dates.

Is the BWF application deadline firm?

Who do I contact for questions?
Contact information is provided in the navigation bar to the right.  Eligibility or other questions may be directed to Tiffanie Taylor.