Student STEM Enrichment Program


Project Evaluation Resources

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund has been evaluating the impact of the Student STEM Enrichment Program since its inception in 1996.  As part of that process, SSEP Student Surveys were developed for use by our awardees. 

Student Feedback Surveys for students in grades 6-12 included questions related to the three SSEP goals: improving students’ competence in science, nurturing student’ enthusiasm for science, and interesting students in pursuing careers in research or other science-related areas.  Once elementary programs were supported by SSEP, surveys for elementary students were added. 

Survey data collected over time has provided evidence that SSEP funded projects are having an impact on all three program goals.  The survey instruments below can be used for the evaluation of individual BWF-supported projects and would be independent of BWF’s evaluation strategies.

BWF Forms and Instructions