Student STEM Enrichment Program

FAQs - Format

Can letters of partnership be sent separately?
No. Letters of partnership (up to three may be provided) must be converted to PDF files and uploaded to the application for electronic submission along with the application. Faxed or emailed letters will not be accepted.

Are there font or margin requirements for the project plan?
Use standard 12-point font for the text, and no smaller than 9 to 10-point font for figures, legends, tables, and diagrams. Text must be single-spaced, with one-inch or larger margins on all sides.

How serious are you about the page limit on the project plan and other attachments?
All applicants must stay within the set page limits. Only include requested materials. No supplemental materials will be accepted.

Can Letters of Recommendation be included in the application?
No. Only letters of partnership will be accepted.