Jan/Feb 2015

Gut Bug Enthusiast - Over the past few years, the microbial world’s reputation has been turned on its head. Since Louis Pasteur proved the so-called germ theory of disease in almost 150 years ago, we humans have diligently tried to purge bacteria from our lives. But scientists today are telling us at that the story isn’t so simple, and that the bacteria that colonize our bodies – more than one hundred trillion of them – are actually our coevolutionary partners, crucial to maintaining human health.  FULL STORY>>

BWF Awardees Search for SolutionOne of the most ambitious research programs on the Ebola virus began over 14 years ago in the start-up laboratory of a newly minted PhD named Erica Ollman Saphire. Saphire had just solved the structure of one of the first antibodies against HIV, and she was in search of a new challenge.  FULL STORY >> 

Carr Thompson Retires -- When Carr Thompson started at the Burroughs Wellcome Fund in March of 1977, she was one of two employees. The foundation was dependent on the Burroughs Wellcome Company (USA) since its assets—about $7 million at the time—were directly tied to the company’s profits and losses for the year.  FULL STORY >>