October 2014

Claudia Walker is a fifth grade teacher at Murphey Traditional Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina, a magnet K-5 school in the Guilford County Schools where Latin is taught and mathematical skills are emphasized. She has been a classroom teacher since 1992, she is a national board-certified teacher, and has been teaching math and science at Murphey for the last six years. She holds a BA from Rutgers University and a master’s degree in Education, Curriculum and Technology from the University of Phoenix.

In 2009, Claudia received a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award for Science and Mathematics Teachers, a $175,000 grant over the course of five years designed to give outstanding North Carolina classroom teachers resources to enhance professional development and collaboration with other teachers. With that five years wrapping up in 2014, we thought it would be a good time to check in and take stock with Claudia, and recognize her noteworthy achievements in mathematics education.  FULL STORY >>