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Teacher Training

Fast Track is a partnership with the University of North Carolina General Administration to increase the number of graduates with degrees in the sciences or mathematics and teaching certification who are prepared to teach science and mathematics courses in North Carolina public schools.  The planning and implementation of Fast Track is an effort between the Schools of Education and the Colleges of Arts and Sciences on participating UNC campuses. For more information contact:

The Singapore Mathematics Pilot (SMP) is a strategic model of teacher training designed to give students an understanding of numbers using problem solving. The model used in Singapore and other countries around the world focuses on skill building, concepts, processes, attention to students’ metacognition, and positive attitudes towards numbers and how they are used.  The North Carolina SMP is a partnership between the North Carolina State Board of Education, Department of Public Instruction (DPI), and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund.  The goal of the SMP is to demonstrate how high quality mathematics teaching and learning in the most challenged academic schools in North Carolina can produce academically successful students.  SMP provides funding for teacher training, curriculum materials for students, and networking opportunities for teachers, parents, local school boards, and other community stakeholders.