World We Live In - ECU

Catherine A. Rigsby
Professor of Sedimentology
Department of Geological Sciences
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858

Project Title:  The World We Live In: Geology, Hydrology, Climatology, Biology, Chemistry of the Environment of Northeastern North Carolina

This project is a three-year program for the study of the anthropogenically-influenced, natural environment, including the rivers, forests, swamps, farmlands, and estuaries of northeastern North Carolina.  This study will be undertaken as a partnership between the students and faculty of CS Brown STEM High School, faculty and staff from East Carolina University, and research scientists from the US Geological Survey in Reston, Virginia. 

Our program includes: (1) installation of research-grade environmental monitoring and logging equipment for recording atmospheric and hyrdologic parameters, (2) several weekend field research trips each year, focused on hands-on collection of field samples and environmental measurements from a several different types of regional environments; these are called "modules"; (2)  two-week-long summer laboratory research programs each year; (4) year-round, classroom-based activities related to the many out-of-classroom measurements; these activities are developed in close consultation with CS Brown science and math faculty; (5) year-end activities including oral and written research presentations and poster session presentations to the Hertford County community.