Quantitative and Statistical Thinking in the Life Sciences

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Progress Reporting

Due Date:  As stated in the contract

Progress and financial reports are required for all BWF grants.  These reports let us know how your pilot project worked and help us understand how we might make our programs better.  Our advisory committees, Board of Directors, and staff rely on timely reports.  Late reports set back our annual work cycle and are a considerable inconvenience.

The program officer is happy to talk with you if you have concerns about the process, or if you would like insight into how to write about elements of your project that may have gone differently than planned.

BWF has provided Progress Report Guidelines to assist in the preparation and submission of Progress Reports. Institutions must provide a financial report.  Both reports must be submitted by the due date on forms that will be provided and according to the instructions below.  All PDF on-line forms and instructions referenced on this page can be accessed below. Failure to submit progress or financial reports in a timely fashion will result in deferment of payments and/or termination of funding.

Sections of the Progress Report

I. Cover Sheet

The Cover Sheet for your Progress Report must be completed on-line (see below) and should contain the following information:

  1. BWF Request ID number for your grant
  2. Name of Awardee
  3. Institution and Department
  4. Current title of awardee
  5. Project title
  6. Progress report period
  7. Date report submitted

II. Progress Summary

  1. Abstract.  Include as a PDF file the < 300 word abstract from your original proposal.
  2. Proposal.  Provide a brief summary of the original goals of the proposal.
  3. Progress and Results (3 pages maximum).  Describe the progress made toward the original goals of the proposal.  Be sure to include the impact of the project, how it has changed the career readiness of those impacted, how it was delivered to the trainees, strategies used for evaluating its impact, and, if appropriate, how the project has been expanded to reach more trainees or adopted by other institutions.

III. Biosketch

Include a current Curriculum Vitae or an updated NIH-style biographical sketch.

IV. Financial Report

The Financial Report must be completed by the institutional financial officer using the on-line form provided. The report should contain the typed name of both the awardee and the institutional officer completing the report. Original signatures are not required, only typed names.

The Financial Report may be submitted under separate cover, as a PDF file, to Muno Sekhon, program associate, at msekhon@bwfund.org.

Report Format

Number each subsection separately and use a minimum 11-point font size with one inch margins on all sides. Combine all subsections, including the cover sheet, into one PDF file.  The Financial Report may also be submitted as a separate PDF file.

Report Submission

Submit your entire Progress Report in one PDF via email to Muno Sekhon by the deadline stated in the contract. If you have questions, please contact Muno Sekhon by email or phone 919-991-5122.

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Aug 01, 2018

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Oct 01, 2018

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Oct 01, 2020

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Program Contacts

Victoria McGovern, Ph.D.

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