Special Reports

Nuturing the Field of Preterm Birth Research

A successful human pregnancy, the assembly of an entire person within a closely confined space, is a feat that depends on precise timing. Each layer of cells and every incremental stage of development has its appropriate point in the sequence.  Nevertheless, as with any intricately coordinated process, there can occasionally… Read More

PDF icon BWF Pre-Term Birth Pamphlet

STEM Education in North Carolina

n a rapidly changing world, the need for effective, high-quality STEM education has never been greater. As we rush to keep up with a changing energy and employment landscape, and the growing influence of robotics and A.I.,a practical knowledge of STEM concepts will become critical for everyone in the developed world.  Read More

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Early Career Outcomes

BBy the mid-1990’s, the Burroughs Wellcome Fund identified the interface of biology and the quantitative sciences as an area in need of funding.  The Fund’s initial foray into the field began with the creation of interdisciplinary training programs.  The Institutional Awards at the Scientific Interface funded 10 programs from…   Read More

PDF icon IASI Outcomes Report

Enriching Science for Students

How do schools and other organizations create a successful, informal science education program? Perhaps a program is already in place, but there’s a need or a desire to add a science element. Or, maybe your institution or organization is planning an outreach program, playing to its strength in environmental…  Read More

PDF icon Guide to Enriching Science for Students

A Place at the Bench: Women in Biomedical Research

In 2009, the Burroughs Wellcome Fund commissioned a series of articles by science writer Marla Broadfoot to look at the landscape for women in the biomedical sciences. Broadfoot was given free range to explore the subject area, and the articles were published in the Fund’s FOCUS newsletter… Read More

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