The Science of Science Communication III

John Burris and A View from Philanthropy on the Future of Science Communication

On November 16, 2017, Burroughs Wellcome Fund President Dr. John Burris addressed the future of science communication at the Arthur Sackler Colloquia on the Science of Science Communication in Washington, DC.  Burris emphasized the need for scientists to better communicate with other scientists and have a better understanding of their audience and goals, particularly in the area of oral presentations.  Video of the talk and Twitter highlights of the conversation follow below.  You can follow the Fund on Twitter at @bwfund.

The Sackler Colloquia on the Science of Science Communication began in 2012 with an effort to survey the state of the art of empirical social science research in science communication and focused on the communication dynamics surrounding issues in science, engineering, and medicine. The second colloquium highlighted the particular challenges with communicating about science that involves controversy, and was an important impetus for the consensus study report Communicating Science Effectively: A Research Agenda.

Evolving from past colloquia, this third colloquium focused on the consensus study as a framework for advancing both research and practice in science communication. It will explore ways to build capacity for and foster the use of evidence-based strategies for engaging the public with science and ensuring its appropriate use.   (From the NAS Sackler website)

Published 16 January 2018.