Proposal Central – FAQ


I have created an account with ProposalCentral but I can’t see my active award.   

Creating an account and signing into the system before the migration ensures that grant information and contact have the ability to match when the migration occurs.  Otherwise, the system will create an account that has to be updated by the grantee after the migration.  Currently, there is no information for the grantee to view. 

When will the migration be completed and the user can see information regarding an active grant? 

We hope to complete the migration by mid-September.  

I don’t see my organization listed in Proposal Central. How do I add it? 

Contact the ProposalCentral technical support staff at 1-800-875-2562 (8:30 am to 5:00 pm ET M-F, except holidays) or 

How do I enter my payment information into Proposal Central? 

After the migration is complete, you will receive instructions from BWF on how to complete the banking information deliverable with your payment information. If you do not receive instructions by September, please contact your Program Associate. 

Will BWF be using ProposalCentral for all their Grant Management needs such as Grant Agreements (digital signing by Authorized Individuals)/Deliverables (Uploads and templates) in addition to the payments?   

BWF will send out additional information and details in the coming weeks.   

Post-award grants management will be handled through ProposalCentral including submission of deliverables, such as Progress and Financial reports.  Program staff will provide guidance regarding changes in reporting instructions.  At this time, BWF will upload agreements through ProposalCentral but will not be utilizing some of ProposalCentral’s DocuSign features. 

Will future Proposals be submitted via Proposal Central? 

We will use ProposalCentral for all proposals. For funding opportunities outside the competitive programs, applicants will need to contact program staff to receive a link to apply. 

How will signing officials and financial officers be able to access grant information? 

Administrative individuals or the principal investigator will have the ability to grant access to additional team members  

Will there be an ability to use banking information from other grants in ProposalCentral for BWF grants? 

It is our understanding that each grant will require the input of bank routing information  

How will organizations be confirmed?  

A: See ‘How do I add my organization?’  Contact the ProposalCentral technical support staff at 1-800-875-2562 (8:30 am to 5:00 pm ET M-F, except holidays) or 

How will we handle progress reports that are due before or close to the migration? 

Progress and financial reports will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please continue using *.progress email address and then manually upload to Proposal Central when the system is ready. BWF will communicate when progress and financial reports can be uploaded to the ProposalCentral system.