Postdoctoral Enrichment Program

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For a full explanation of the eligibility requirements, view Request for Proposals.

Advisory Committee

Joey V. Barnett, PhD
Vanderbilt University

Kami Kim, MD (Chair)
University of South Florida

George M. Langford, PhD
Professor of Biology
Dean Emeritus of the College of Arts and Sciences
Syracuse University

Gina R. Poe, PhD
University of California-Los Angeles

Michael Summers, PhD 
HHMI Investigator Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Blanton S. Tolbert, PhD
Case Western Reserve University

Additional members may be added to the committee.

Award Timeline

Oct 15, 2020

RFP Opens

Jan 14, 2021

Application Deadline

May 01, 2021

Notice of Award

Sep 01, 2021

Award Start Date

Aug 30, 2024

Award End Date

Program Contacts

Alfred Mays

Senior Program Officer


Tiffanie Taylor

Senior Program Associate