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Progress Reporting

Due Date: November 1

Progress and financial reports are required of all BWF grants, and are due on the date specified in the award letter or contract. Advisory Committee and staff depend heavily upon progress and financial reports to evaluate progress. Late reports inconvenience advisory committee reviewers and impede BWF's evaluation of its programs. Failure to submit progress or financial reports in a timely fashion will result in termination of funding.

BWF provides the following progress report guidelines to assist in the preparation and submission of Progress Reports in an acceptable manner. Awardees must provide BWF with an annual progress report detailing scientific progress. Institutions must provide an annual financial report detailing expenditures on the grant. Both reports must be submitted by the due date, November 1, according to the instructions below. Failure to submit any portion of the report by the due date will result in an interruption or cancellation of your funds. All PDF on-line forms and instructions referenced on this page are accessible below.

Sections of the Progress Report

I. Cover Sheet

The Cover Sheet for your Progress Report (see below) may be downloaded from the BWF website and completed to include with your report.

II. Progress Summary

The written text of the Progress Report must not exceed four (4) typewritten pages with a minimum of 11-point font. Note: The biosketch is a separate document from the written portion of the progress report.

  1. Biographical Sketch. Include a brief, updated NIH-style biographical sketch. Only include publications in refereed journals. Indicate the following using the notation described: *=papers published during the term of the award; **= published papers which are newly published for this reporting period; A = papers accepted for publication; and S = papers submitted for publication.
  2. Abstract. Provide a brief summary of your research that can be understood by a multidisciplinary audience.
  3. Specific Aims/Studies and Results. Provide a brief summary of the original goals of the proposal.  Describe progress which has been made toward the original aims, and any changes from the original research plan. BWF recognizes that research will evolve from the original plan over the course of the award.
  4. Accomplishments/Impediments. Provide a maximum one-page narrative of what you have accomplished and what impediments you have encountered in the past year.  Highlight particular opportunities that were helpful for your mentoring or career development.
  5. Research Plan. Provide a statement on career and research related plans for the next year.
  6. Other Activities and Award Administration.
  • List national or international (do not use single letter abbreviations) meetings attended at which you presented a paper, poster, or participated in another invited function and indicate the activity.
  • Comment on the Fund's award management and give any suggestions to improve the award structure. (Optional)

III. Mentor's Letter of Evaluation

It is your responsibility to have your mentor write a letter summarizing your research and career growth during the period. The letter is due by the same date as the Progress Report. Convert the letter to a PDF and submit it with your report.

IV. Publications

Attach copies of any publications, submitted, or published during the reporting period. Publications must be submitted, by the due date. The committee will expect to see BWF support acknowledged on all relevant publications during the award period.

V. Financial Report

The Financial Report (see below) must be completed on line, using the form provided, by the institutional financial officer. The report should contain the typed name of both the awardee and the institutional officer completing the report. Original signatures are not required, only typed names.

  • The subtotal fields in both columns will automatically calculate as you enter the relevant numerical data.
  • The "Balance" in both the Current Reporting Period and Cumulative to Date columns should be equal.

Report Format

Number each subsection separately and use a minimum 11-point font size with one inch margins on all sides. Combine all subsections, including the cover sheet, into one PDF file.  The Financial Report may also be submitted as a separate PDF file.

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Award Timeline

Jan 18, 2023

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Jun 30, 2023

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Sep 01, 2023

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Aug 31, 2026

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