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Progress Reporting

Progress and financial reports are required of all BWF grants, and are due on the date specified in the award letter or contract.  Advisory Committee and staff depend heavily upon progress and financial reports to evaluate progress.  Late reports inconvenience advisory committee reviewers and impede the Fund's evaluation of its programs.  Failure to submit progress or financial reports in a timely fashion may result in termination of funding.

BWF has provided Progress Report Guidelines to assist in the preparation and submission of Progress Reports in an acceptable manner. Awardees must provide BWF with an annual progress report detailing scientific progress.  Institutions must provide an annual financial report.  Both reports must be submitted by the due date on forms that will be provided and according to the instructions below.  All PDF online forms and instructions referenced on this page can be accessed below. Reports must be submitted through ProposalCentral.

No-Cost Extensions

The named investigator may request a no-cost extension at least 30 days in advance of the grant period end date.  A request for an extension must be made in writing and must include a detailed explanation of the purposes for which the extension is requested.  The request for a no-cost extension must be copied to both the named investigator and the appropriate representative of the named investigator’s institution.  In general, extensions do not exceed 24 months.  The Fund reserves the right to deny such a request in whole or in part.  If the request is approved, it will be incumbent upon the named investigator and his/her institution to provide annual progress and expenditure reports each year of the no-cost extension period, as well as final progress and expenditure reports at the end of the no-cost extension period. BWF will request a return of all no-cost extension funds if progress report requirements and deadlines are not met.

Sections of the Progress Report

I.  Cover Sheet

The Cover Sheet for your Progress Report must be completed using the template below and should contain the following information:

  • Awardee Name
  • Institution
  • Project Title
  • The BWF request ID number for your grant
  • Progress report period (mm/dd/yy – mm/dd/yy)
  • Year grant awarded
  • Total amount funded
  • The duration of your grant (in years)
  • The grant year this report covers (i.e. first, second, final, no-cost extension, etc.)
  • Date Submitted

II. Scientific Abstract

Include the one-page abstract and list of specific aims from your original proposal. Add the abstract and complete the web form on ProposalCentral.

III.  Research Progress/Research Plan (2 pages)

Describe the progress made toward each specific aim listed in your original application.  Describe any changes in the focus or direction of your research and why as well as surprises, discoveries, roadblocks or innovations since your last report.  Explain how close you are to achieving the goals of your proposal.  Any apparent drops in productivity should be explained. Comment on the most important regulatory accomplishments that have occurred in the past year (Influence on Policy, Practice, or Patients; New Technical Products or Methods; Intellectual Property, Licensing, or Patents; Partnership with industry/private sector, Medical Products, Interventions, Clinical Trials, etc). Provide a brief research plan for the upcoming year.

IV.  Mentoring Environment (0.5-1 page)

List the names, degrees, and positions of all trainees in your laboratory funded through this award (do not list others not supported by the award).  Describe the training plan for each BWF-supported trainee and of the trainee’s own professional development during the reported year.  The financial report should indicate the level of support provided to any BWF-funded trainees.

List names and where all (BWF supported) graduate students, postdocs, fellows, etc. trained in your laboratory have gone.

V.   Career Impact/Comments/Concerns (0.5-1 page)

Comment on how the Award may have impacted your career or research.  Also, if appropriate, address any issues or concerns associated with your current institution and/or BWF administration of the grant.

The Fund sometimes highlights Awardees’ work in our publications.  Is there any specific part of your BWF-supported work you would like to bring to our attention for this purpose?

*Final Year Essay: If this is the progress report for the final year of your award, also include a brief, informal paragraph describing your highest accomplishment or the one you are most proud of, that was a direct or indirect result from this award.

VI.  Other Funding Support (Current and Pending)

Include a list of all sources of current and future committed grant support (from for-profit as well as not-for-profit sources).  Indicate the source of funds, principal investigator (if not yourself), title of project, direct costs, grant period, and your percent effort.

VII.  Curriculum Vitae

Include a current Curriculum Vitae or a brief NIH-style biosketch.

VIII.  BWF-Supported Publications

Provide all BWF-supported publications, submitted papers or papers in-press, or other publications specifically associated with research supported by your award during this reporting period. BWF support must be acknowledged in all BWF-funded publications. Sample text: “This work was supported by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund under the Innovation in Regulatory Science Award Program.”

Submit each publication as an individual PDF file. Upload in the Publications Section on ProposalCentral.

IX.  Financial Report

The Financial Report must be completed through ProposalCentral (unless otherwise noted) by the institutional financial officer.

The financial officer should complete both the awarded and expenditure columns for the appropriate budget period on ProposalCentral.

Submission of the Progress Report

Submit the completed Cover Sheet with your Progress Report by the deadline. Use no smaller than 11-point font size with one-inch margins on all sides for all documents in ProposalCentral.

The financial report should be submitted by November 1 through ProposalCentral.


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