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Progress Reporting

Due Date: Two months after completion of the project (by August 31)

The PRISM Award is designed to support teaching professionals in their efforts to provide quality hands-on, inquiry-based activities for their students. The award provides up to $3,000 for one year to cover the cost of equipment, materials, and supplies. An additional $1,500 may be requested for professional development related to the implementation of new equipment or use of materials in the classroom. Reports are due two months after the completion of the project, but no later than August 31.

  1. Cover Page 
    Complete the Coversheet and include it as the first page of your progress report. A Microsoft Word version of the coversheet is available.
  2. Overview
    Provide a general overview of the materials purchased through the grant and any professional development activities (if requested). Explain how the requested materials, equipment, and supplies were used in your classroom to engage students in innovative, hands-on curriculum in science or mathematics.
  3. Impact
    In the initial application, you addressed the impact that you anticipated the project would have on students. Explain how the funded materials impacted your classroom?
  4. Professional Development (if requested)
    If professional development funds were requested, explain what teachers learned through the professional development opportunity and how the training impacted teaching strategies in the classroom and implementation of the purchased materials to reach the desired outcomes for students.
  5. Dissemination
    Did these funds have an impact outside of your classroom, such as in the school or district? Are there lessons learned that you can share with others?
  6. Financial report
    Attach an accounting of how the funds were spent. The report should include details on materials/equipment/supplies purchased. If professional development funds were requested, the report should outline the type and cost of professional development activities including other expenses such as travel costs, etc. A Microsoft Excel form is available.

Report Submission
Submit the coversheet, progress report, and financial report via email to within two months of the completion of the project, but no later than August 31.



Award Timeline

Sep 29, 2023

Application Deadline

Apr 01, 2024

Award Start Date

Jun 30, 2024

Award End Date

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