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Frequently Asked Questions


Do North Carolina public charter school teachers qualify to apply for these awards?
Teachers from charter and magnet schools in North Carolina are considered public school teachers and are eligible to apply for the PRISM award.

What type of licensure is required to apply for the Career Award?
To apply for the PRISM award, teaching professionals must currently be employed at a K-12 public school (including charters) and hold a professional educator's license to teach in a North Carolina K-12 public school. This includes those with licensure in elementary education.

Can I apply for this program if I do not teach in a public school in North Carolina?


How many times can someone receive a PRISM award?

Can I submit a paper application?
No. BWF requires that all applications be submitted electronically. Paper applications will not be accepted. If you are having trouble using the electronic process, contact Samantha Moore at for assistance.

Do I need to submit a Letter of Intent prior to beginning an application?
No. BWF does not require a letter of intent for this program prior to beginning an application.

Do I need to complete the application in one session?
No, you can start the application and return at a later time to complete the application. When beginning a new application, you are required to establish a log-in and password. At any time during the application process, you may click the "save" button, exit the application, and return at a later time. Please note that all applications must be submitted by 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the application deadline date.

Can I receive a copy of my online application form?
You can print a copy of your application as you are completing the online application form by clicking the "Print Application" link at the bottom of the "Sign and Print" page.

How do I return to an incomplete application that I saved, but have not yet submitted?
To access saved applications for BWF programs, visit this

I completed my application. How do I submit?
Once the application has been completed and all attachments have been uploaded, you will need to click the "Validate" button on the Validate tab. Review your application. If the application is not missing the required items, you should be able to submit your application. If you are not able to submit, the application is missing (one or more) required fields. Click the "Validate" button and any missing items should be noted in red. Once you have completed all required items and hit the submit button, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not, please contact Samantha Moore at

Can I change my application once submitted?
No. Once your application is submitted, it cannot be changed. If you need to make changes to a submitted application (before the application deadline date), please contact Samantha Moore at

I forgot my userid and/or password. What should I do?
For a forgotten password or userid, visit and click the forgotten password link.

Signature Page

What is the Signature Page? How do I submit it?
The Signature Page provides signature lines for the Applicant and the Principal. An application is not considered complete without the Signature Page. You must complete the Signature Page with the original signatures by 3 p.m., Eastern Time by the application deadline dates. Printed or typed names will not be accepted. E-Signatures are accepted.

Who needs to sign the Signature Page?
Two people must sign the Signature Page:

The Applicant - in the signature box marked "Applicant/PI."
The Principal - in the signature box marked "Principal."

Award Timeline

Sep 29, 2023

Application Deadline

Apr 01, 2024

Award Start Date

Jun 30, 2024

Award End Date

Program Contacts

Alfred Mays

Senior Program Officer


Samantha Moore

Program Associate


Kendi Kajogo

Program Coordinator