Jon Lambert

Top Five AAAS Mass Media Fellow Articles
Jon Lambert

Jon Lambert was a 2018 American Association for the Advancement of Science Mass Media Fellow who was sponsored by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. In his 10 week fellowship with the Dallas Morning News, Mr. Lambert published 13 news stories.

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The following are his top five favorites:

"This is definitely my favorite story. It was a tip from the UT-Arlington's physics press officer. He told me this really interesting scientist just finished a prototype for this big neutrino detector. My background is in biology so I barely knew what a neutrino was, but as I started researching it a little bit it picked up steam and I thought it was cool."

"Scientists at UT-Southwestern are learning what the sort of molecular substrate of sleep is, because it's sort of unknown. They got this cool idea that it actually changes in phosphorylation. My editor said you can't use the word phosphorylation!"

"UT-Dallas has a center for brain health that's studying how cognitive interventions can help people with brain injuries. And there are a lot of programs for people with brain injuries, but not a lot of science going on to actually look at what's going on in the brain. This particular lab had a couple of really interesting studies that did show changes in the brain."

"There was a temperature increases and suicide increases piece that I enjoyed doing. In part because I was sort of taken aback by the fact that suicide rates increase in the summer and this has been known for ages. Being from Minnesota I thought, of course it will be in the winter when it’s cold and miserable." 

"This was a quick turnaround piece about an exhibit that not only had cool dinosaurs but also integrated it with the actual science behind why and where we find certain fossils."