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    BWF provides forms/templates that must be used to prepare certain information required to complete an application.  The templates can be downloaded and completed in advance to help ensure a timely submission.  Note that the forms/templates on this page are only three (3) of the six (6) required attachments.

    • Templates, where provided, must be used and completed according to the guidelines set out in the proposal elements.
    • Templates are available in both MS Word and PDF formats.
    • MS Word: you must correct any changes to the form resulting from input of data prior to converting to PDF format.  Data should be completed in the space provided.  The form must respect the original margins on all sides. Documents must be converted to PDF.
    • PDF: use Adobe Acrobat to complete, save, and combine the files.  (Using Adobe Reader will not work properly, neither will using Preview on a Mac.)
    • If you experience problems with the PDF forms, utilize the MS Word version, then convert the Word files to PDF.
    • Combine the documents, properly ordered within the combined supporting documentation PDF file, using Adobe Acrobat or another PDF generator.
    • Save a copy of the completed forms for your files.
    • Upload these forms within the single combined file as set out in the submission process.

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    Kendra Tucker

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