Postdoctoral Diversity Enrichment Program

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For a full explanation of the eligibility requirements, view Request for Proposals.

Application Instructions to Request Mentor Letter

This program requires a blind letter from the applicant's mentor. The letters must be uploaded by the mentor to BWF’s grant application system.  Log in to BWF’s grant application system and proceed to the “Recommenders” page.

  1. Enter the name and email addresses of the mentor (aka Recommender on the system).
  2. Input the name of the individual to write the letter of recommendation in the “Name” field. Insert the email address of the Recommender in the “Email Address” field.
  3. Check the “Send Email” box.
  4. Click the SEND button.
  5. A notification email template will appear. The email will be sent from the applicant’s email address used to log in to the BWF grant application system. (If you do not receive the email template notification box, an email will not be generated). This email will contain a web link generated by the system to which the mentor can log in to the system and upload the requested letter.
  6. Type in a valid subject line, such as Mentor Letter for (Applicant's Name).
  7. Include a message that will be sent to each mentor explaining the process and/or refer the recommender to the instructions for submitting a confidential letter on the BWF web site. It will be helpful to include the instructions below in the message of the email:
    I am preparing a grant application for the Burroughs Wellcome Fund (Insert Program Name) and would like to request a mentor letter from you. The letter must be submitted electronically to the Burroughs Wellcome Fund by (insert a date a few days before the official deadline). BWF is requesting all letters be on official letterhead, include a signature block, and be uploaded as a PDF file. The link below will direct you to the site to upload the letter. You will be required to login using the same email address at which you received this email communication. Once you are logged into the site, please choose the appropriate letter from the drop down box, browse for the file and click upload. Once the letter is uploaded, click the finished button. You should receive a note on the screen thanking you for your submission. If you have issues with the email link, please copy and paste the entire link into your web browser. Also, please verify you are using the correct email address to log into the site.
  8. Press the “Send” button.
  9. You will see a “red” message indicating the selected recommenders have been notified.
  10. Click “Next” to proceed to the Attachments Page. Once the requested letter has been uploaded by the mentor, it will be listed as an uploaded file on the Attachments page.

Note: The applicant will not have access to view the file.

Award Timeline

Jan 18, 2024

Application Deadline

Jun 30, 2024

Notice of Award

Sep 01, 2024

Award Start Date

Aug 31, 2027

Award End Date

Program Contacts

Alfred Mays

Senior Program Officer


Samantha Moore

Program Associate


Kendi Kajogo

Program Coordinator