Investigators in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease

Letter of Intent Deadline:

Jul 18, 2024





Now Accepting Applications

Eligibility & Application Process:

The competition will employ a two-stage process.

Request for Proposals

Troubleshooting Letters of Recommendation

The recommender never received the email.
  • Confirm that the email address is valid.  The applicant may try copying the email from the BWF grant application system into another email and sending it to the recommender to confirm the address is working properly.
  • On the recommender page, confirm that the email address was inserted in the email field instead of the name field.
  • Confirm on the recommender page of the application that the applicant checked the box for the selected recommender and pressed the “SEND” button.  If the applicant pressed the SEND button, an email template should have appeared.  In addition, the recommender’s name should no longer appear in a white box, but rather appear on the recommender screen with a gray background.
Once these steps have been verified, BWF recommends the following:
  • Verify the email address for the recommender is correct.  Remove the recommender’s name and email address from the application.  Re-enter the recommender’s name and email.  Resend the email with the link.
  • Obtain an alternate email address (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) from the recommender.  The email may be caught in the university’s spam filter.
The recommender received the link, but cannot log in to upload the letter. Error messages are in “red” font at the top of the screen.  Note the error message that the recommender is receiving. Error Message:  “Thank you for taking the time to respond to a request for a recommendation. However, you cannot provide input at this time. Please contact the applicant if you have any questions”:
  • Depending on the format of the recommender’s email, the web link may be wrapping to another line.  The recommender must copy and paste the entire link into the web browser.  The link is specific to the applicant and designated recommender.
  • The recommender entered an incorrect email address.  The email address must exactly match the one that was entered in the system by the applicant.  It should be the same email address that the link was sent to initially.
Error Message:  redirects to a log-in page for the grant application:
  • Close all web browsers.
  • Re-open the web browser and close all tabs.
  • Copy the entire link into the web browser (retrieve the initial email and weblink originally provided by the applicant to the recommender and enter the link).
  • Log in, proceed to the recommender page, and enter the email address for the recommender as entered by the applicant.
  • Follow the steps to upload the letter.
The recommender is able to log into the site, but cannot upload the letter. Error Message: “You are trying to upload a file with an unaccepted file type.  Please upload a file of one of the following types:  PDF.”
  • Confirm that the recommender is uploading a PDF file.
  • Only PDF files are accepted.
The recommender has submitted the letter but would like to upload a revised letter. The applicant cannot remove the letter for the recommender.  The recommender can re-load the letter by using the web link and email address forwarded by the applicant in the initial email request to the recommender.  To load a revised letter, the recommender must:
  • Retrieve the initial email and weblink originally provided by the applicant to the Recommender.
  • Log in using the recommender’s email address (the same email address for the recommender originally used by the applicant). and located the "Recommender" page.
  • Check the “Remove” box next to the HTML link.
  • Click the “Remove” button.
  • Browse for the revised letter (.pdf file) on your system.
  • Click “Upload.”
  • Click the “Finished” button.
  • View the acknowledgment that the letter has been submitted.
If the recommender cannot retrieve the initial email with the web access link, the revised letter cannot be removed. The applicant does not have access to view or upload a recommendation letter. The recommender will need to email the revised letter to Darcy Lewandowski o be replaced after the application is submitted.

Award Timeline

Jul 18, 2024

Letter of Intent Deadline

Oct 04, 2024

Invitation to Submit a Full Proposal

Nov 14, 2024

Application Deadline

Apr 28 - 30, 2025

Finalist Interviews

May 31, 2025

Notice of Award

Jul 01, 2025

Award Start Date

Jun 30, 2030

Award End Date

Program Contacts

Victoria McGovern, Ph.D.

Senior Program Officer


Darcy Lewandowski

Program Associate

Kendi Kajogo

Program Coordinator