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Dec 05, 2023





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For a full explanation of the eligibility requirements, view the Request for Proposals.

Request for Proposals

Progress Reporting

Due Date: June 1

Progress and financial reports are required of all BWF grants, and are due on the date specified in the award letter or contract. The advisory committee and staff depend heavily upon progress and financial reports to evaluate progress. Late reports inconvenience advisory committee reviewers and impede the Fund's evaluation of its programs. Failure to submit progress or financial reports in a timely fashion will result in termination of funding.

BWF provides the following reporting guidelines to assist in the preparation and submission of Progress and Financial Reports in an acceptable manner. Awardees must provide BWF with an annual progress report detailing scientific progress. Institutions must provide an annual financial report. Both reports must be submitted by the due date, June 1, according to the forms and instructions below.

Failure to submit any portion of the report by the due date will result in an interruption or cancellation of your funds.

All PDF on-line forms and instructions referenced on this page are accessible below.

No-Cost Extensions

No-cost extensions allow awardees to carry over unused funds beyond the original end date of the award. Progress and financial reports are required during the no-cost extension. The same standards required during the award for progress and financial reports apply to the no-cost extension period. BWF will request a return of all no-cost extension funds if progress report requirements and deadlines are not met.

Progress and Financial Reports are due each June 1st until all BWF funds have been expended down to zero dollars.

Sections of the Progress Report

I. Cover Sheet

The Cover Sheet for your Progress Report (see template below) should be completed and contain the following information:

  1. Name of awardee
  2. Institution
  3. Project Title
  4. BWF Request ID number
  5. Year Grant Awarded
  6. Progress Report Period
  7. Size of your research group
  8. Number of trainees supported by BWF funds

II. Scientific Abstract

Provide a brief summary of your research that can be understood by a multidisciplinary group of scientific reviewers. The text of the scientific abstract should not exceed one-page.

III. Research Progress

Provide a 3-4 page summary of your research progress (covering April 1-March 31) including tables, graphs, figures, diagrams, and charts. Describe the progress made toward each specific aim listed in your original application. Describe any changes in the focus or direction of your research, as well as surprises, discoveries, or innovations since your original proposal. Explain how close you are to achieving the goals of your proposal and the impact of the work on preterm birth or parturition. If the original goals are no longer possible, describe which new questions you will address and your new goals. Use standard 11-point font for the text, and no smaller than a 9-point font for figures or tables. A bibliography or reference list is not considered part of the four-page limit.

IV. Curriculum Vitae

Attach a brief, updated NIH-style biographical sketch and include any current funding attained.

V. Reprints/Publications

Attach relevant manuscripts or publications, submitted or published specifically associated with research supported by your award during the reporting period. BWF-supported publications may be submitted as separate PDF files. BWF support must be acknowledged on all BWF-funded publications.

VI. Financial Report

The Financial Report (see template below), must be completed and submitted by the due date, June 1. Original signatures are not required, only typed names. Reporting period covers April 1-March 31. The Financial Report may be submitted under separate cover as a PDF file.

  • If you submitted a Financial Report last year, information provided in that report should be used to calculate the Cumulative to Date figures.
  • The subtotal fields in both columns will automatically calculate as you enter the relevant numerical data.
  • The "Balance" in both the Current Reporting Period and Cumulative to Date columns should be equal.

Report Format

Label each section of the report separately. Use a minimum 11-point font size with one inch margins on all sides. Combine all sections and convert required documents in the order listed above into a single PDF file.

Submit publications, by the due date, as separate PDF files. The Financial Report may also be submitted as a separate PDF file.

Submit your entire Progress and Financial Report in PDF via email to by June 1.

If you have questions, please contact Daniel Baroff via email or at 919-991-5133.


Award Timeline

Dec 05, 2023

Application Deadline

Apr 09 - 10, 2024

Finalist Interviews

May 31, 2024

Notice of Award

Jun 01, 2024

Award Start Date

Mar 31, 2028

Award End Date

Program Contacts

Paige Cooper Byas, PhD

Program Officer


Daniel Baroff

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Lama Haidar

Program Coordinator