Explore Fearlessly Initiative

Student U

Director:   Bettina Umstead
Chief Programming Officer
Durham, NC

Project:   Explore Fearlessly Initiative

Student U has created the  "Explore Fearlessly Initiative" for our 550 students enrolled each year .  One of Student U's six core values is Dream Fearlessly. We encourage our students to dream big and then to work tirelessly to make those dreams come true. This project is integrated into each stage of our current programming pipeline, which includes Summer Academy for rising sixth through tenth graders, Middle and High School Year-Round Program for afterschool support, Summer Internship Program for rising eleventh and twelfth graders, and College Promise for our nearly 200 Student U high school graduates. By equipping students with the skills needed to access higher-level science material while also providing opportunities to apply their knowledge to scientific concepts in the real world, the Explore Fearlessly Initiative goal is to foster a deep, authentic enthusiasm for science.