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Apr 15, 2021





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Eligibility Requirements

The Student Science Enrichment Program (SSEP) is open to nonprofit organizations in North Carolina. Eligible organizations include public and private schools, colleges and universities, community groups, museums, zoos, scientific groups, and others that can provide experiential activities for K-12 North Carolina students. Individuals and nonprofit organizations that offer religious programming are not eligible for SSEP awards.

SSEP activities must enable students to “do” science and mathematics in creative and engaging ways that involve hands-on activities and inquiry-based exploration. Activities should occur outside of the usual school environment, such as after school, on weekends, or during vacation periods. SSEP activities may be conducted all year, during the school year, or during the summer provided there is a year-long educational component. Programs with activities providing less than 10 contact hours over the course of the program for each student participant will not be considered.

BWF encourages partnerships (i.e., between individual schools or school systems and scientific groups, universities, local education associations, or community groups). For-profit companies may participate in collaboration with nonprofit organizations that assume the lead role for a SSEP grant. Applicants should enlist participation of representatives of partner organizations in developing project goals and activities. The proposal must clearly demonstrate the role of each partner.

SSEP awards are not intended to support curriculum development. As this program focuses primarily on students, only minimum levels of teacher training that involve student participation will be considered.

See Selection and Program Goals for additional proposal guidelines and suggestions for submitting successful project proposals.

For questions regarding eligibility, contact Tiffanie Taylor, senior program associate by email or phone 919/991-5116.

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Apr 15, 2021

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Sep 17, 2021

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Feb 01, 2022

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Aug 30, 2025

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Alfred Mays

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Tiffanie Taylor

Senior Program Associate