Student STEM Enrichment Program

Application Deadline:

Jun 11, 2024





Now Accepting Applications

Eligibility & Application Process:

Selection Process

The advisory committee will review all eligible applications and make recommendations for awards to the BWF’s board of directors based on evidence provided that addresses the following:

  • whether the proposed activity meets program goals and is innovative and engaging
  • ability of the organization to conduct and sustain high quality science and mathematics enrichment activities
  • manner in which students are identified and selected, particularly recruiting related to underrepresented groups in science and mathematics fields
  • qualifications and expertise in the areas of science and mathematics of the organization’s director and staff
  • appropriateness of the budget to science and mathematics programmatic activities
  • availability of additional resources, including partnerships, in-kind services, monetary support, and other resources
  • effective and innovative plans for evaluation of science and mathematics program activities
  • whether after school activities align with classroom instruction
  • whether the proposed plan will help link participating students with other science-related activities in their schools and communities
  • whether there are plans to continue the program after the BWF’s support ends or to replicate the program
  • whether special efforts will be made to reach disadvantaged students in low wealth areas of the state

Organizations that previously received a SSEP award and are applying for another award must submit a sustainability plan with their application to demonstrate successful outcomes from the earlier award, to highlight significant achievements, and to identify other means of financial support or institutionalization of their program.

BWF does not provide critiques of unfunded proposals.

See Eligibility and Program Goals for additional proposal guidelines and suggestions for submitting successful project proposals.

Award Timeline

Mar 22, 2024

Application Opens

Jun 11, 2024

Application Deadline

Nov 29, 2024

Notice of Award

Dec 01, 2024

Award Start Date

Aug 30, 2027

Award End Date

Program Contacts

Alfred Mays

Senior Program Officer


Samantha Moore

Program Associate


Kendi Kajogo

Program Coordinator