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Progress Reporting

Annual Progress Report Guidelines

Due November 30

SSEP annual progress reporting involves the submission of three separate files:

  • The SSEP Progress Report
  • The SSEP Project Data Capture Excel file
  • The SSEP Project Financial Report

A template providing detailed instructions for how to complete each component of the reporting process can be found in the forms section below

The SSEP Progress Report

Awardees are asked to complete a project coversheet and include that document as the first page of the progress report.

The SSEP project progress report template is broken into five (5) sections: Project Plan, Project Implementation, Evaluation, Reflections, Sustainability. Sections are further broken down into associated subsections.  Number and label each subsection separately.

Use a minimum 12-point font size with one-inch margins on all sides. Combine all subsections, including the cover sheet, into one file.

The SSEP Project Data Capture

The SSEP Project Data Capture Tool is a multi-sheet excel workbook that is designed to collect precise data about project activities and students served.

Data Capture overview:

Data Capture tool:  DOWNLOAD

Please submit it as a separate file.

SSEP Project Financial Report

The SSEP Project Financial Report is a fillable PDF document that is designed to capture a detailed picture of project expenditures.

Please submit the Project Financial Report as a separate file.

Submit by November 30 to



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Aug 30, 2026

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