Student STEM Enrichment Program

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Jun 11, 2024





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Eligibility & Application Process:

Progress Reporting

Annual Progress Report Guidelines

Due November 30

SSEP annual progress reporting involves the submission of two deliverables and one uploaded file:

  • The SSEP Progress Report
  • The SSEP Project Data Capture Excel file (can be uploaded in the progress report deliverable)
  • The SSEP Project Financial Report

All SSEP awardees are expected to submit their Progress Report on Proposal Central. SSEP awards ending in 2023 may submit their financial report by email submission using the template and instructions below. SSEP awards ending after 2023 will be expected to submit financial reports in Proposal Central.

The SSEP Progress Report

The SSEP project progress report template is broken into six (6) sections: Project Plan, Project Implementation, Implementation Evaluation, Impact Evaluation, Reflections, and Sustainability. Sections are further broken down into associated subsections.  Please fill out these sections in the space provided on Proposal Central in the Progress Report Deliverable.

Proposal Central deliverables cannot accept special characters, including asterisks, colons, semi-colons, TM trademarks plus signs, ampersands, less than symbols, percent signs, microns and beta Latin symbols, bullets, alphabetical lists, and tabs.

The SSEP Project Data Capture

The SSEP Project Data Capture Tool is a multi-sheet Excel workbook designed to collect precise data about project activities and students served.

Data Capture overview:

Data Capture walkthrough:

Data Capture tool:  DOWNLOAD

Please submit it as an attachment on your Progress Report Deliverable.

SSEP Project Financial Report

The SSEP Project Financial Report is a fillable online form that is designed to capture a detailed picture of project expenditures. Financial Reports usually cover award costs between September 1st to August 31st.

Please fill out your expenses for the SSEP award in the Expenditure Column. Line items can be added by clicking the plus sign in each category.

For unexpended funds, please fill out the Carry Forward Column.

Please submit the Project Financial Report on Proposal Central by November 30th. For SSEP awards that began before 2023, you will need to enter you awarded budget in the Awarded Column. All SSEP awardees will need to enter Carry Forward and Expenditures Columns.

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Mar 22, 2024

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Jun 11, 2024

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Nov 29, 2024

Notice of Award

Dec 01, 2024

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Aug 30, 2027

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Program Contacts

Alfred Mays

Senior Program Officer


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Kendi Kajogo

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