Student STEM Enrichment Program

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Apr 15, 2021





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Progress Reporting

Due Date: September 30

Note:  This information is only applicable to current BWF Awardees.

Progress and financial reports are required of all BWF grant recipients, and are due on the date specified in the award letter or contract.  Advisory Committees and staff depend heavily on progress and financial reports to evaluate progress.  Late reports inconvenience advisory committee reviewers and impede the Fund's evaluation of its programs.  Failure to submit progress or financial reports in a timely fashion will result in termination of funding. BWF has provided Progress Report Guidelines to assist in the preparation and submission of Progress Reports in an acceptable manner.


For grants awarded outside the SSEP or the Career Awards for Science & Math teachers, use the following guidelines for reporting.

Award Timeline

Apr 15, 2021

Application Deadline

Sep 17, 2021

Notice of Award

Feb 01, 2022

Award Start Date

Aug 30, 2025

Award End Date

Program Contacts

Alfred Mays

Senior Program Officer


Tiffanie Taylor

Senior Program Associate