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High Point University has engaged Guilford County Schools, our public school district, the Qubein Children’s Museum, and Steve Spangler, Inc., an internationally known STEM education group, in a collaborative partnership to engage 120 elementary aged students and 30 elementary public school teachers in a project we are calling STEMtastic Adventures. The project name is meant to instill excitement in young students who are naturally curious about their world and to motivate them to pursue inquiry-based explorations in afterschool STEM clubs, STEMtastic Friends webinars that feature STEM professionals, DIY STEM activities in the home and to attend a Five Days of STEM Summer Camp. STEMtastic Adventures is aligned to the NC Essential Standards and is designed to supplement STEM instruction that will occur during the school day. The Theory of Action for this project is that if we 1) increase enthusiasm for STEM then, 2) students will be motivated to increase their competence in STEM and, 3) they will want to pursue education and employment in a STEM field. Therefore, this project is designed around those three objectives and a fourth objective that ensures teachers are prepared to support the ancillary STEM learning and explorations. Each objective will be achieved through two targeted activities that will be evaluated for both implementation and impact outcomes. The 120 students selected for participation in this program will be from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM and will attend a Title I school. Each will be paired with a teacher from their home school to receive over 50 hours of direct STEM learning that will result in their increased competence in and enthusiasm for STEM as well an interest in pursuing education and careers in the STEM field.

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Mar 10, 2023

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Jun 09, 2023

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Nov 30, 2023

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Dec 01, 2023

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Aug 30, 2026

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