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Jun 11, 2024





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Mustang Biomedical and Engineering Science Scholars


Surry County Schools

Director:   Jeff Edwards
Assistant Superintendent
Surry County Schools
Dobson, NC

Project:   Mustang Biomedical and Engineering Science Scholars

The Mustang Biomedical & Engineering Science Scholars (MBESS) program is designed to create opportunities for students at Meadowview Magnet Middle School to explore science and related careers in biomedical and biotechnology fields.  The main goal is to immerse students in STEM career opportunities in the life sciences.  During both after school and special "Science Saturday" events, students engage in inquiry-based science activities and develop knowledge in the life sciences.  A two-week Summer Institute provides both students and parents with career exploration field trip opportunities.  Culminating projects and presentations are presented in a Biotechnology and Engineering Fair hosted annually at the school.

Mustang Biomedical & Engineering Science Scholars participate in scientific inquiry activities designed around the eight scientific practices as set forth in A Framework for K12 Science Education (National Academy of Sciences). Program activities integrate the use of leading technology to enhance and facilitate lab activities. Curriculum activities lead to the design and development of student created prototypes of medical devices or independent research projects related to biotechnology or medical fields.

After-school lab opportunities, Science Saturdays, field trips, a Science Summer Institute, and competitive science events will increase student competence in science and will provide the foundational skills necessary for future success in secondary science and mathematics courses.  Career counseling for students and their parents will provide for an easier transition to high school course selection.  Our program help students learn the basic process skills in scientific inquiry; increase their insight into the investigative process; supply students with science-related career information; connect science and math in authentic, real-world projects; provide interaction with scientists; and formally involve parents in their students' education.

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Mar 22, 2024

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Jun 11, 2024

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Nov 29, 2024

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Dec 01, 2024

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Aug 30, 2027

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Alfred Mays

Senior Program Officer


Samantha Moore

Program Associate


Kendi Kajogo

Program Coordinator